About Photo Restoration MA

Mark O'ConnellWelcome! Thank you for choosing to visit PhotoRestorationMA. My name is Mark O'Connell and with my partner Susan White we are the owners of PhotoRestorationMA. We are another artful division of Photography by Susan White and Mark O'Connell, located in the quiet town of Pembroke Massachusetts. Because I will be the only person working with you and your treasured images, I believe I can deliver the quality of service you deserve.

If you decide to use our service, you can be assured that each image will receive individual attention with no batch processing or one-step fixes. Whether a cracked sepia portrait, a faded vacation photograph, or a stack of 35mm slides with scratches and mildew spots, PhotoRestorationMA can make digital corrections to restore the image and produce a print as good as or (usually) better than the original. If you are one of the lucky few whose pictures have withstood the test of time, we also provide copy and print only service to make as many copies as needed.

With three options to meet your needs, submission of your images is easy. Upon receipt, I will review the images and contact you with a price quote. Simple color corrections may take only a few minutes while severely damaged photos can take several hours. Once you approve my quote, I will restore your image and send you a preview (if appropriate) of the finished product.

I hope you choose PhotoRestorationMA to help you with your restoration needs.

Why Choose Us for your Photo Restoration?

When you have a photograph precious to you, you want to be sure that it's handled in a careful and skilled manner. You might see advertising at the local drug store for copy and restoration services, but the person behind the counter will not be the one working to bring your photo back to life. You'll probably get an uneasy feeling walking out the store that you might never see that photo again. We have served clients since 1976 and have developed skills along the way to tackle the most challenging photos to achieve great results.

  • 100 Year DVDs

    Experienced Photo Restoration Technicians

  • We do not hire interns or students to handle your precious memories. Our photo restoration technicians are qualified experts and have years of experience in Photoshop to guarantee a quality restoration.
  • Professional Software

    Professional Software

  • Using professional software and advanced photo restoration techniques allows us to return nearly any photo back to its former glory.
  • Professional Software


  • Unlike most companies, we do NOT send your photos out to be restored. All work is done in house by an experienced professional.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% Guarantee

  • All our transfer and restoration services come with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.

The process to restore your photos ...

To give you an idea of what I can do for you, click the PLAY button on any of these timelapse videos to see the transformation. I hope you enjoy them!

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