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"Kid Gloves"

Your original photograph will be handled with tender loving care -- we'll copy it, then restore the copy -- and return the original to you untouched. Your photograph never leaves our studio! We'll turn your old photographs into timeless works of art that will be enjoyed by generations to come. With over 47 years of experience repairing old, faded, and damaged photographs, you can assured that you will be pleased with the results. Get in touch with us today!

Copy Services

In some cases, your original photograph may be in perfect condition -- but it's the only one you have. Take advantage of our copy service. We use the finest optics available to reproduce your original with the sharpest results anywhere. Whether you need one copy, or a thousand, each one will look as good as the original.

Restoration Services

Bringing an old photograph back to life is in itself a form of art. It takes many long hours of skilled craftsmanship and love to restore your precious memories. Since some photographs may require more care and attention than others, we offer various levels of restoration services. (And remember, all restoration is done on a copy print, so there's absolutely no damage to your original.) Give us a call to discuss reproducing your valued images.

Endless Possibilities ...

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Scratches removed and Folds easily Fixed

Our photo restoration service can correct scratched and folded photographs.

Also: Stained & Water damage

Clear up faded photographs

A very common issue is faded photos. We can restore and enhance them back to life!

Also: Sun faded and Blurred

Putting the Pieces back

You may think that a photo that's in pieces is ready for the trash. Think again! It is possible to connect and even recreate missing areas to give you a new complete photo (within reason)..


Colorizing your Black and White Photo

Once we correct the flaws we can even colorize your favorite photo.

Also: Colour enhancement

Recent Photo Restoration Works

These are just a few of the current projects we have worked on this year

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We've got photo restoration skills!

  • Restoration of minor or severely damaged photographs
  • Repair of Faded Photographs
  • Stain removal
  • Color correction
  • Sun damaged photos
  • Repair of torn and cracked photos
  • Recreating missing pieces
  • Scanning and repair of damaged documents
  • Colorization of B&W photos
  • Repair of water damaged photos
  • Creation of Display Reproductions
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Color correction
  • Adding text to the photo
  • Remove people from photos
  • Combine different photos into one photo
  • If you don’t see your situation on this list…just ask

The Best Results...

Our process provides our customer with the combined best efforts of many very talented restorers not just the technology limits of a piece of software. Quality photo restoration isn’t all technology. It’s experience, care, judgement, research and the desire to give back to our customers a photo that means so much to them and was thought to be beyond repair.

Every retouching job is unique and must be individually quoted. When you send us your photo or upload your scan, we will evaluate it and quote the cost of your restoration based on the extent of the damage. If I don’t feel an acceptable restoration can be achieved I’ll let you know and if I can, will offer some advice on what may be a reasonable next step. You are under no obligation and will know your total restoration cost before work begins. Request your no obligation quote here.

Note: While we can repair a great many types of damage, sadly, we cannot fix an out of focus image.

If you send in a photo for scanning at our facility there will be a fee to return via US Priority Mail. The price is dependent on the size of the photo.

We accept personal and corporate checks as well as all major credit cards and PayPal.

All prices are in U.S. dollars. All restoration/editing quotes include scanning and general cleanup of your photo. The accepted written (e-mailed) quote shall be binding. Quotes remain in effect for 14 days from date issued.

Color or B&W?

To insure complete satisfaction we offer only premium printing services. We want your new prints to last for the new generations to enjoy them.

Moving Forward . . .

Once you receive your quote if you would like to proceed we will provide you with a link for payment. You can pay either online with a credit card or send in a business or personal check.

Receipt of your payment will confirm approval and acceptance of the quote so that work will begin on your restoration.

We Care . . .

If, after reviewing your watermarked proofs, if you are not satisfied with your restored photos, we will work with you until you are. Once you accept the project we will remove the watermark. At that point the project in non-refundable.

**We do have one exception to our money back guarantee. Occasionally when quoting a photo we will advise a customer that the damage to their photo is too extensive and we don’t believe we can achieve a level of restoration we would consider deliverable. If the customer requests that we give it a try anyway, we will always do our best, but do not offer a money back guarantee under those circumstances.

Give Us Time . . .

The entire restoration process from acceptance of your estimate to delivery generally takes 15-30 business days. If you have a special occasion or holiday allow enough time. If necessary your project can be done on a rush basis, however a rush fee will be applied.

At certain times of the year such as December volume is particular heavy and turnaround times may be longer.


A Special message from Mark . . .

I am incredibly grateful for the trust that you, my clients, have placed in me over the years. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your family’s stories and to have the opportunity to help restore your cherished memories. I know how important these memories are to you, and I have always strived to do my very best to restore them to their former glory. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and support over the years. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and to be a part of your family’s history. Thank you again for your trust and for allowing me to be a part of your family story.


I am reaching out to you at this time to tell you "what a fantastic job you did".  Every time I look at the portrait, I find myself in awe.  To me!  When I look at it, I almost expect him to walk out of the picture as it looks so real!!!! 
I know i couldn't have found someone as great as you down in Florida to recreate such a portrait like you did.  Somehow!  I felt I was led to your studio to do the job when I searched the Internet!  Trust me I am so grateful and blessed.  I am one happy camper at this time.
Now! If I wanted more pictures, they can be created?  I have a funny feeling my granddaughters might want one.
Million thanks for doing such a fantastic job along with the joy and happiness you have brought to my life.

-Beth Budrow

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